How To Work From Home With Other People

Working from home is a great opportunity, but it can be challenging for many people, especially if you live with family members or roommates who also work from home. It can take a while to learn how to work around each other, but if everyone working from home agrees to respect each other’s schedules, it can be a great situation. Here are two tips to helping you adjust to working from home with someone else.

Set Up Designated Workspaces

Unless you work together and are sharing resources, it isn’t a good idea to work in the same space as the people you live in. Make sure everyone in the house has a designated space to work in. You may need to have everyone work in their bedrooms. If that doesn’t work, you could also set up office cubicles in the living room so you can each work without disturbing the other.

Respect Each Other’s Schedules

If you and the people you live with all work traditional nine-to-five jobs, you may find it easy to balance your schedules. However, if you work opposite schedules, you may find yourself working while your roommate eats and sleeps or vice versa. If you’re going to get along with the other people in the house, you need to respect each other’s schedules. You may find it helpful to print out your schedule and post it in a common area such as the kitchen so you are always aware of when the other people in your house are working. This gentle reminder will help you stay quiet while your roommates are working.

Learning to work from home can be difficult, but the learning curve is even more challenging when you live with someone who is also working from home. Use the two tips to make the adjustment easier for both you and your roommates.

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