Choosing the Best Branding Agency

Selecting an experienced branding agency is vital for your company’s development and success. A good branding agency should offer a complete creative process beginning with brand discovery and ending in product/service/promos production.

Expertise should also be demonstrated through work samples from past clients, with detailed style guidelines for your brand provided as part of this service.

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1HQ is an international team of brand specialists who ask and answer the hard questions about how brands should innovate and how they should best represent themselves visually and verbally through design and communication. Their goal is to find innovative, practical and inspiring solutions that generate commercial advantage for businesses around the globe.

Established in the United Kingdom, 1HQ now operates studios worldwide as an industry leader for brand strategy, innovation and design. Their client list includes Unilever, Nestle and Tesco among many others, while their expertise ranges from branding, packaging design, digital shopper marketing campaigns and winning numerous awards for their work.

Tesco introduced Jack’s in 2015 and immediately sought an agency partner to develop strategic designs across grocery, impulse snacking, baby and household products that supported its low-cost business model and commitment to supporting Britain’s food producing communities. These were delivered quickly in an agile, flexible working environment requiring rapid deployment; Nasuni provided the solution by tapping more talent from around the globe than ever before.

Brands to life

Brands to life is committed to producing impactful, exciting results that transform conversations around brands. Their goal is to assist companies in setting clear, actionable objectives and working with them towards meeting them – for instance if one of their goals is upselling more services, Brands to life can create and deliver training courses for employees to be proactive about upselling these services. In addition, this service helps companies articulate why they do what they do so customers understand the purpose behind their company while simultaneously differentiating it from competitors.

Branding encompasses everything a company does from design, interactions and consumer experiences – both tangible and intangible.


BLVR is a branding agency that works with fearless leaders to craft belief-led brands and transformative experiences. Their full suite of services include brand strategy, research and insights, naming/nomenclature development, identity creation/development, visual design storytelling frameworks design systems. Furthermore, BLVR assists its clients with creating/implementing brand guidelines/launch campaigns/customer and employee experiences/building communities.

BLVR collaborated with a progressive arts Christian school to streamline their brand identity and increase enrollment. They helped define mission, name, tagline and marketing assets; designed the website; and were responsive, collaborative and communicative during this project. Their high-quality deliverables were well received while their team provided responsive communication throughout.

BLVR provided branding, market research and design services for a travel lifestyle brand. They mapped out their brand direction before developing visual brand guidelines with logos, icons and font families that represented it visually. Their team was professional yet thorough with excellent communication skills and strong project management expertise.

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