What is Management?

If you look in the English dictionary, the word management has different meaning. To keep it short and simple, management basically comes from the word manage which means to handle the things that you have at your hand. Human management consists of managing men successfully and tactfully.

Managing products or services simply means how can you handle the products and services that you have at your hand and make the best use out of it and in terms of business make the most profit out of it. In terms of emotions, management simply means handling yourself and living a balanced life. There are times in life in you get good results and then there are times when you do not get such good results. You should have a balanced mind and accept the situation irrespective of its outcome. 

So as you can see management has got a very wide definition and explanation. Depending on the nature of the job and work, the definition of management varies accordingly. However the fundamentals of the management remain more or less the same. It has to do with proper handling of men and resources. If you can handle the situation, people, resources, products or any other thing for that matter effectively, then that basically sums up for the management part of it.

The basic concept of management starts with life. If we can manage yourself and our life properly then it would be easier for us to manage other things as well. This is because we can learn from our own life and apply that knowledge and experience to mage other people and resources. Discipline is an important part of management as well. In order to manage ourselves properly we have to live a disciplined life. This includes having a proper ad defined sleeping hours and following a written schedule and trying our best to abide by it.

Business management basically involves different stages. Every business has different departments and each of every department needs to be managed effectively. This is necessary for the overall development and progress of the business. A small business would have a sales department, purchase department, a marketing department, financial department and public relation department. They can be other departments depending on the nature of the business. All of these departments need to be handled carefully, tactfully and intelligently in order to ensure that the overall progress and development of the business takes place.

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