Small Business 101 – What is a Business?

Business is the activity of producing, buying or selling something for profit. Some businesses include Corporations, Sole proprietorships, Partnerships, and Digital marketing. All these businesses are different from each other and can be confusing if you’re unsure about what each one is.

Sole proprietorship

The Sole proprietorship in business is an unincorporated form of enterprise. It is the oldest and most basic form of business.

Sole proprietorships are a type of small business that is typically owned and operated by one person. Some examples of a sole proprietorship include a freelance writer, a computer repair shop, or an art studio.

There are several advantages to forming a sole proprietorship. Among them are lower costs, less compliance requirements, and greater freedom to make business decisions. But, there are also disadvantages.

One drawback is that the owner is personally liable for any debts incurred by the business. Another drawback is that there is no separate legal entity.

This can make it difficult to secure loans from banks. Banks are often wary of lending to businesses that do not have a good credit history. Moreover, the owner can lose personal assets if the business fails.

In addition, the structure of a sole proprietorship is not ideal for businesses that require high capital, such as a franchise. Instead, a limited liability corporation or a corporation with multiple owners can provide liability protection.


Business partners are people who contribute to the success of a business by bringing their talents, experience and expertise. They may work as individuals, as trusts or as corporations.

Partners have a duty to act in the best interest of the partnership, even if this means giving up personal interest. A good partnership will have a formal agreement that details the roles, responsibilities and functions of each partner.

Some partners will be experts in accounting, finance or other specific fields. These people can provide valuable guidance to a novice business owner.

Similarly, an experienced marketing partner may have an edge on speeding up production. Creating a collaborative environment between the business partners can help to increase profits.

Another benefit is that the more partners you have, the better the chances that you will find financing. While banks are often unwilling to lend to partnerships, many lenders are willing to offer less traditional loans.

One of the benefits of a partnership is the fact that all partners are equally liable. For example, if one partner causes an accident, the other partners are liable.


Business corporations are a legal entity whose purpose is to create profit for shareholders. Corporations can borrow money and hire employees. They also have many of the same rights as people, such as paying taxes and suing others.

There are several types of business corporations, but the C corporation is the most common. This is a good choice for a small or start-up company that may become public. The advantages of a C corporation include no restriction on ownership, and no corporate income tax. A C corporation also has a board of directors and must hold annual director meetings.

For some businesses, the business corporation will serve as a registered agent. These agents are required to provide a physical address in the state. Although these agents are not required to have a PO Box, they do have to be available during normal business hours.

To register a business corporation, an application must be filed with the secretary of state. Depending on the type of corporation, filing fees vary.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a great way for your small business to reach new customers. It provides businesses with an easy way to interact with customers, collect customer feedback, and measure campaign results. Moreover, digital marketing offers businesses the opportunity to interact with customers from all over the world.

One of the most important advantages of digital marketing is the ability to reach out to customers at the right time. Businesses can target potential customers at the beginning of their buying journey. This allows them to customize their ads and engage in real-time customer service.

Regardless of what you sell, a digital marketing strategy will help you boost your online presence and generate more revenue. You can use several tactics, including search engine optimization, email, and social media. However, to find success, you must understand your customer’s habits and preferences.

One of the best things about digital marketing is that it is free and allows you to reach out to customers where they are. Most consumers research and compare products online.

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