Magic at a Trade Show

Trade shows can be an excellent way to connect with potential clients and attract new ones, yet can often be daunting and challenging to navigate. A magician at your stall can help set it apart and leave an impactful lasting impression with potential target audience members.

The MAGIC fashion trade show in Las Vegas showcases an eclectic selection of trendy brands spanning young contemporary and modern sportswear, and draws retail buyers, influencers and media thought leaders from around the globe.

MAGIC Marketplace

MAGIC fashion marketplace is the largest apparel show in the United States and showcases trend-driven women’s, men’s, juniors’ and children’s apparel and footwear as well as manufacturing resources for all age groups and genders. Held twice each year in Las Vegas in February and August, it draws designers, retailers and buyers from around the globe for this important industry event that provides businesses with opportunities to gain new ideas while networking with professionals across different fields.

MAGIC is an exclusive invitation-only trade event for fashion buyers and sellers, open only by invitation. In order to enter, attendees must present valid credentials including an active e-commerce website and tax registration, in addition to attending an education program that ensures fashion industry participants remain up-to-date with current trends and market changes, remain profitable, broaden their horizons, expand business relationships, remain competitive and profitable.

MAGIC Sourcing

SOURCING at MAGIC is an annual domestic and international gathering of apparel and footwear manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, textile mills, materials suppliers, components suppliers, supply chain solutions providers, technology solutions providers, technology vendors as well as technology solution providers from apparel/footwear manufacturing industries; textile mills; materials suppliers; textile components suppliers and technology service providers – both physical and online – from apparel/footwear manufacturing sectors as well as textile materials suppliers/component suppliers/supply chain solutions providers/technology solutions providers/tech solutions providers from apparel/footwear manufacturing/Textile manufacturing industries as well as textile materials for apparel/footwear manufacturing as well as talks from notable fashion industry figures on specific sourcing products or learning sessions lead by industry figures from that sector of industry renowned fashion industry figurehead.

New York offers an intimate sourcing experience where buyers and suppliers come together in an intimate setting to find margin-building products across trend, young contemporary, and sportswear brands at accessible price points. Buyers from department stores, boutiques, online retailers and influential regional players explore latest trends while meeting manufacturers directly – building business connections ahead of primary buying season.

SOURCING at MAGIC offers attendees an in-depth view of the global fashion supply chain through convenient product offerings organized by country and category. This unique approach makes it easier for attendees to quickly locate contract and original design manufacturers; fabric suppliers; trim suppliers and components suppliers as well as service providers.

MAGIC Education

Magic can be an invaluable teaching aid, encouraging students to think creatively while building self-confidence and cultivating empathy in the classroom. Research also indicates that teaching with magic increases student empathy levels significantly.

Contrary to Western magical schools, Asian magic schools do not rely on child labor. Children enrolled in such schools serve as apprentice magicians who receive room and board as well as a small stipend in exchange for providing services to paying customers.

But that does not stop students who study magic from feeling resentment; they are often treated like unpopular nerds who spend all of their time reading books in libraries instead of participating in sports or other activities that allow for building friendships. Furthermore, these students face immense psychological pressure to succeed at studying magic; such pressure has even driven some children to suicide; thankfully though, most who study magic go on to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

MAGIC Networking

Network Magic has long been known for being an intuitive program to connect computers to the internet and share folders, printers, files and pictures among them. Furthermore, this powerful monitoring tool notifies you if there are issues such as needing security patches installed or outdated virus definitions on any of them.

The Magic network seamlessly blends WiFi, cellular, and new technologies such as 5G and LPWAN into an end-to-end encrypted and trustless environment, without needing captive portals, WPA passkeys, or individual routers. Devices automatically negotiate connectivity access based on quality requirements without the need for captive portals, WPA passkeys or individual routers – while bad actor tolerance and reputation management ensures traffic remains protected end-to-end and bad actors remain undetected.

Magic Networking Suite is an open source project and can be installed on any router or base station. Broadcasters receive payment in Magic Global Connectivity tokens when providing connectivity services to consumers; all transactions are recorded and settled in immutable ledgers for settlement purposes.

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