Fundamentals of marketing

Marketing is very important in today’s world. If you would like to sell something, then you need to promote it properly. There are lots of options available in the market for the same product and the one that sells well is the one that is promoted well. Unless and until people are aware of a new service or product, they will not be able to know about it and decide whether to buy it or not. This promotion is done through well thought of strategy, which is covered under marketing.┬áLet us explore more about marketing in this article.

Marketing involves different stages and methods. The old method of marketing included making promotional pamphlets and distributing them in the nearby area. For example, if you like to promote your new store in and around your area, you can make some informational and attractive pamphlets and distribute them within the region around your place and people would come to know about it. This is a traditional and old method of marketing.

 Nowadays, with technology, the ways in which products and services are promoted have also changed drastically. People like to rely on technology and promote their product or service through digital modes like WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media like Youtube, Twitter and through online marketing like Search Engine Optimization and by advertising on the internet.

There is a popular theory that any product can be sold through marketing. Though this is partially true, this theory does not hold true in the long run. In order to make a successful product, you have to make a good product that is worth the money and price tag that it has on it. As the old popular saying goes, you can sell one bad product once through marketing but not more than that. So if you like to be successful in a product or service for that matter, you have to ultimately have a strong base of a good product or service. Until and unless you do that, it’s marketing and promotion would not be successful in the long run.

Marketing has become very important in today’s business and hence its market is booming is well. Therefore, it is necessary to be responsible while marketing a product because wrongful or fake marketing of an undeserved product or service can have drastic influence in the market and society. So every marketer should take this responsibility and plan sensible marketing campaigns.

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