Finding the Best Task Management App

Are You Freelancing, Running a Small Business or Studying at College? Managing Tasks Appears Difficult! – But Finding the Ideal Task Management Software Can Be!

No matter your task management needs, from simple to-do lists to more robust task tracking apps, there is something suitable out there for everyone. To help make an informed decision we have collected some of the top options here.


Todoist is an outstanding task management app with many features. With an easy user interface and compatibility across a range of devices, this tool will make life simpler for users.

Timer provides numerous useful features, such as time-based and location-based reminders. In addition, integrations are provided for external enterprise apps (not available to free users).

Todoist is an ideal task management app for teams, providing them with the ability to collaborate on tasks by sharing files and comments with one another.


Things is an ideal solution for keeping on top of tasks and deadlines without feeling overwhelmed. It features system-wide quick entry, synching with an iPhone app, native notifications and intuitive keyboard shortcuts – everything a person might need for success in life!

The Project Form offers space for notes, checklists, tags and deadlines as well as supporting background data from apps like email.

Reminders is a huge plus, particularly for those who like setting tasks by deadline or reminder. Furthermore, its logbook feature makes tracking completed projects much simpler.

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a popular online task management solution, available across devices including phones, desktop browsers, Google Apps and more.

Helps you easily add, share and assign tasks. Reminders via email, text messaging or even Siri/Alexa/Google Assistant help keep tasks on track and organized.

Create lists, tags, and subtasks to organize tasks easily and make them simpler to find. Also included is a search wizard as well as smart lists based on priorities, due dates, postponement history, etc.

Remember The Milk can also help teams create shared task lists and weekly agendas, projects, and visualize their work by visualizing multiple board views.


Basecamp is an open source project management software with numerous features for real-time communication and automatic check-ins, designed to keep teams organized and complete tasks more quickly.

Tasks are organized into projects with due dates, due ranges and other relevant details. Users can easily reorder and prioritize tasks to know which require immediate attention while which can wait.

Team members can add notes and attachments to their to-do lists, helping them monitor progress. Furthermore, deadlines and reminders can be set and sent out automatically.


Trello is a free task management app designed to help organize tasks into boards, lists and cards – it makes organizing your workload easy for people of all ages and backgrounds!

Easy to use and packed with features designed specifically to support team work, this platform also comes with various pricing plans tailored to different teams and budgets.

This software utilizes the Kanban board system and offers an intuitive visual representation of workflow stages allowing users to see real time status of projects.


TickTick is an easily configurable task management and todo-list app designed to work across platforms. It syncs up cloud-based todo lists with Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows PCs, Web access and Apple Watch to provide seamless task completion and management.

Utilizing its intelligent date-parsing feature, this app enables you to set deadlines and recurring tasks without fail, while its built-in calendar makes tracking daily agenda easier than ever. Furthermore, team collaboration on shared todo lists and weekly agendas is supported as well.

The app uses the Eisenhower matrix for advanced prioritization, helping you stay focused on what matters. Furthermore, there’s also a Pomodoro timer which divides tasks into intervals of focused work followed by short breaks to reduce distraction.

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