Definition of Management and Its Use in Strategy Development

Management is about the management of people or of processes. It is used to refer to the process or the activity concerned with bringing about the best possible results in any endeavour. Management is the management of an organization, be it a public sector corporation, a private non-profit organization or even a government entity.

The definition of Management has changed over time and it now incorporates both concepts of human interaction and systems. It is also very important to keep this definition objective and free of subjective elements. In most cases, it includes management function such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. It may also include other aspects like supervision, delegation and influence.

The term ‘level management’ is generally used for describing a process of organizing at the intermediate and top levels (from top management to bottom staff). This process involves different types of managers including managers at the top level (managers and senior level managers), mid-level managers (direct supervisors) and bottom-level managers (department managers). This kind of management is also known as direct management. In other words, the objects of management functions are objectives and targets, rather than desired outcomes and progress.

A good management definition should provide some useful introduction to key terms. Key terms are critical success factors, performance goals and objectives, strategies and frameworks, and methods and models. All these key terms should be explained in simple, understandable and precise language. They should be described with enough detail so that readers can understand them. If not, they will often lead to misunderstandings and cause confusion among management personnel.

An important element of any management definition is the description of the process and the ways in which an objective is achieved. The process is a sequence of events or states of affairs that lead to a desired outcome, while the objectives are definite goals or targets that need to be attained. Therefore, if management is to provide knowledge on how to achieve these objectives competently, then the definition of management needs to include processes and procedures along with detailed descriptions of how these processes and procedures are applied.

Finally, it is important for any definition of management to provide some final key takeaways. It is important for the definition of management to provide the readers with a set of clear and concise recommendations as to what managers should do to meet their specific objectives and work together to reach the overall objectives. Moreover, the definition of management should provide clear recommendations as to how management can improve or make changes to its processes and procedures to achieve improvements in efficiency.

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