Business Management Education in India and Overseas

Business management is the management of an organization, be it a private firm, a government agency, or a non-profit group. The manager of such an organization takes care of the business planning, financial matters, and the day-to-day activities of the organization. Business management is usually subdivided into two main categories; business planning and marketing. Business planning deals with the general strategy adopted by the management of the organization in dealing with its external environment, whereas marketing deals with the implementation of that strategy through the processes of communication, advertising, public relations, and sales. Marketing can be either demand or supply based.

An effective business management requires certain basic resources. These resources include the people who compose the management team, or the managers. The essential elements of good business management are: effective leadership, vision, determination, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. A good manager should be highly skilled in decision making and also in communicating his ideas to other people. In addition, he should be capable of motivating his subordinates and providing them with adequate information and support.

To obtain a management position in business management, a candidate must possess certain skills and attributes. One should have a bachelor’s degree in business management or accounting. An individual having a master’s degree in business management or accounting is usually preferred by most companies. A master’s degree is usually achieved after a year or so of full-time study at a business school.

There are several business schools in India that provide both bachelors and masters degree in business management. Candidates applying for these positions should have a strong command over the English language and a positive personality. Candidates who have the intelligence to understand problems and analyze them in a systematic manner are more desirable by most companies. There are many organizations that conduct entrance examinations for students. The candidates who clear the entrance exam usually get an invitation for a placement interview.

Many Indian business management organizations are looking for talented young students who have successfully completed their degree courses. The organizations sponsor internship programs that help the fresher gain first hand experience in the corporate world. Students who are interested in pursuing engineering or MBA programs can join Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) or other leading institutes in India. These institutes are renowned for their excellent teaching facilities and offer job opportunities to candidates who have a clear direction on management principles.

Many young students who wish to pursue a career in business executive jobs take general management education courses at business schools in India. However, it must be remembered that a business executive position requires at least a bachelor’s degree. Also, it requires a minimum period of three years for a candidate to get hired as an executive. Generally, there is a heavy competition in the entry-level positions. Therefore, the candidates who get this chance easily get a higher salary than other applicants.

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